Smart Fix Asphalt repair provides infrared repair technology to seamlessly repair, restore and extend the life of your parking lot surfaces. We also provide a full range of services for property owners such as concrete replacement, lot sweeping, crack seal, seal coat, line painting, landscaping and snow clearing and snow removal services.
Smart Fix Asphalt uses the latest technology equipment in infrared asphalt repair. We do all kinds of asphalt repairs...
but we specialize in manhole and catch basin/drain repairs.

Our Equipment and what we can do...

We use the fastest and most efficient asphalt reclaimers and infrared pavement equipment in the industry, for the maintenance of roads and surfaces. Our equipment allows easy and highly effective ways to work with asphalt, and it also dramatically reduces road or parking lot closure time.

Our Infrared equipment can be used to repair utility cuts, fix 'birdbath' depressions, repair trenches, runways, bridge decks, and potholes. However, when it comes to repairing manholes and catch basins or drains, it has proven to be a better and quicker process. It can be used in many types of work conditions that would restrict the conventional methods of asphalt repairs currently practiced.

Asphalt reclaiming is the process of taking waste asphalt or stockpiled plant mix and slowly heating it up to a working temperature where the asphalt can then be used as new pavement or patch material to repair existing pavement.