Infrared Mini-Tech

Walk-Behind Infrared Pavement Heater

The infrared heat produced by the Mini-Tech Ready Mount penetrates very quickly and deeply softening the underlying asphalt without oxidation or burning. By raking in new hot material as needed to bring to grade, followed by proper compaction of this heated material, a thermal bond will be created to the surrounding area. Thermal bonding can provide better patches at a lower cost.

  • All season patching.
  • Unique compact self contained design.
  • Quick attaching method for transportation.
  • Proven reliability, efficiency and profitability.
  • Ideal for sidewalks, playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts and other small areas.
  • Use for bridge joints and thermal bonded striping.

Mini-Tech Ready Mount

  • Permanent Asphalt Repairs.
  • Fuel efficient, easy to operate.
  • Bonds old and new asphalt joint free.
  • Low Maintenance, quality construction, proven reliability and profitability.
  • 14 square foot heating area. (More with extended chamber options).
  • Attaches to vehicle in less than two minutes.
  • Compact – Easy one person operation.
  • Interchangeable chambers (Optional). Mini-Tech with Front Wheel Assembly Option

Operating Principal

The infrared is created by pre-mixed gas and air delivered under pressure to three (3) highly efficient, long life alloy energy converters.

Operating Controls

For additional safety, a pressure switch, range 0.2 – 1.0 inch water column controls the gas solenoid valve.


Propane gas, supplied from two (2) 30 lb. vapor withdrawal cylinders with gauge is included.

Supplied by 115-volt generator. (Not included)

Fuel Delivery

Heating system consists of gas fed from two (2) 30 lb. propane cylinders through excess flow checks connected to a high-pressure gas hose with reusable fittings, reduced to 11 inch water column by a two stage regulator, passed through a solenoid gas valve and controlled by a limiting orifice valve. High-pressure gas hose connects to a 110-volt pressure mixer blower. The Mini-Tech can also be carried on the back of other equipment for street patching (as pictured). The compact folding handle extends to rear to give leverage when using unit.


Frame constructed of 1″ x 2″ tubular steel. Front of frame designed to engage in mounting stirrups (optional) on rear of carrying vehicle. Two (2) 10″ heat resistant (450°F) wheels. Gas cylinder compartment constructed of 3/16″ x 1½” angle iron and ¼” x 2″ flat steel. Control box is of 14-gauge steel.

Reflector Chamber

Vented and reinforced 16 gauge stainless steel. Standard chamber 48″ x 42″. Also optional chambers in a variety of sizes (see options).

Mounting (Optional)

Parts needed for attaching unit to carrying vehicle. Two (2) mounting stirrups for attaching base of unit to lower portion of carrying vehicle. One (1) hook bar, which attaches to upper portion of carrying vehicle and traveling light connection. The hand winch and cable, which is used to raise and lower the unit, are permanently mounted.

Dimensions – Basic Unit

  • Overall Length (traveling) 82″
  • Overall Length (working) 109″
  • Overall Width 48″
  • Overall height 39″
  • Chamber length 42″
  • Chamber width 48″
  • Weight empty 450 lbs.

Dimensions – Extended Chamber (Chamber – 78″ wide x 42″ long)

  • Overall width 78″
  • Adjustable wheels – up to 90″” wide.
  • Weight empty 600 lbs.
  • All other specifications same as basic unit.


  • Chamber – 15″ wide x 78″ long.
  • Chamber – 15″ wide x 118″ long.
  • Chamber – 78″wide x 42″long (Stainless steel chambers all sizes and models).
  • Onboard Winch Assembly.
  • Carrying Vehicle Attachment Assembly.
  • Front Wheel Assembly (standard on extended chamber model).
  • Aluminum Wind Guards.

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