Infrared Triple Tech-78

The Tech-78 is capable of 78 sq. ft. of heating area with its three individually controlled 4’4” x 6’ Infrared Heating Chambers.

This is a highly mobile unit with 13’ by 6’ of true infrared heating area. It is designed with a universal skid-steer attachment or can be customized to fit virtually any small tractor you may use.

  • Bonds old and new asphalt for permanent joint-free repairs.
  • Fuel Efficient, easy to operate.
  • Eliminates removal of old asphalt.
  • Low maintenance, proven reliability.
  • Restores asphalt regardless of season.
  • Exclusive Ray-Tech Infrared Converters assure years of fast trouble-free heating.
  • Side chambers fold up for easy transportation!



Machine design is to provide an infrared heating system capable of heating a 13′ x 6′ area of asphalt pavement without burning or damaging the asphalt. Designed to attach to any skid-steer tractor (Bobcat 751F or equivalent), its large heating area capability and mobility of the tractor make this a high production unit.

Operating Principle

  • The infrared is created by premixed gas and air delivered under pressure to energy converters. Infrared does not flame or alter the binding characteristics of asphalt.
  • Unit has three systems, which operate individually and will fire in any position from vertical to horizontal.
  • Each system consists of three (3) rows of high efficiency, long life alloy converters.

Reflector Chambers

  • Three vented and reinforced 16 gauge stainless steel 4′-4″ x 6′. The side chambers are attached to the center chamber and can be raised to the vertical position for travel purposes.
  • The two side reflector chambers are raised and lowered by heavy-duty worm drive gear boxes and 24 volt heavy duty sealed for life motors.
  • These custom built winches are backed by a 10-year warranty from Ray-Tech.
  • Height and tilt adjustment of the chambers are controlled hydraulically from the tractor cab.


  • 100% propane gas in six (6) 60 lb. cylinders; two (2) cylinders per system. Vapor withdrawal only. Cylinders supplied with unit.

Fuel Delivery

  • Each system consists of gas fed from two (2) 60 lb. cylinders via high-pressure gas lines, through a strainer to a regulator, where the pressure is reduced to 11″ water column, then through a 24 volt solenoid valve; volume is controlled by a limiting orifice valve and delivered to a 24 volt long life brushless motor/blower. Each system consumes 9,000 BTU’s per square foot maximum


  • The three individual systems are powered by a 100 amp, 24 volt alternator system, powered by an 8.5 hp electric start propane fired engine; which will keep the heavyduty 24V system powered by (4) 220 amp 6V batteries wired in series for deep power reserves, charged at all times.

Operating Controls

  • Each system consists of a pressure switch controlling solenoid valve.
  • Three (3) weatherproof switches to control each systems blower motors.
  • Spring loaded momentary on-off-on switches, located inside the tractor compartment for operation of the center and side chambers.

Chamber Unit Mounting

  • The chamber unit is designed to fit on the front of any Skid-Steer tractor by means of a utility plate, which is quickly attached to the tractor.

Fuel/Power Deck

  • The deck at the rear of the tractor holds the six (6) 60 lb. propane cylinders and the four (4) 6 volt batteries.
  • The deck assembly can be quickly attached or detached from the tractor without removing the propane cylinders or batteries from the deck.


  • Chamber length: 6′
  • Chamber length with bracket: 7′-3″
  • Chamber width: 13′
  • Chamber width traveling: 6′-5″
  • Fuel/ Power Deck length: 2′-4″
  • Fuel/Power Deck width: 3′-6″
  • Length: approx. 8′-4″


  • Chamber Unit: 1,500 lbs.
  • Fuel/Power Deck (with batteries and 6 full propane tanks): 1,430 lbs.


  • Aluminum Wind Guards.

Other Model Available Dual System 8’W x 6’L chamber (each system 4’W x 6’L), for attachment to skid-steer loader (customer supplied).


Financing Available. Call us for more information.


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