About Us

Smartfix Asphalt Infrared Repair has been in operation since 2011 and continues to be a leader in the asphalt infrared repair industry. Over the past years Smartfix has built upon its superior products, along with designing our own infrared heaters, and decades of expertise to create the largest private infrared company in Western Canada.

At Smartfix Asphalt we provide a more sustainable approach as a preventive measure against future repairs.  Our state of the art infrared technology not only repairs and seals better but our process is proven to be a superior method of most asphalt repairs. One of the greatest aspects of infrared asphalt repair are its eco-friendly benefits: less equipment is needed to complete the repair largely reducing CO2 emissions and little noise pollution like jackhammers or construction machinery.

Infrared asphalt repair has proven to be effective and efficient by creating a thermal bond seal.  This prevents cold joints and future penetration of water which would lead to cracking & deterioration.  This is especially important around catch basins, manholes and utility bells, along with pothole repairs, providing excellent value to our clients.

Why have we been so successful?

  • We specialize in asphalt infrared repair around catch basins, manholes and utility bell repairs along with general asphalt repairs
  • Our success comes from offering cost—effective solutions, quality and longevity of asphalt repairs.
  • We understand the importance of being eco-friendly by restoring existing asphalt vs replacement of asphalt.
  • We are dedicated to our clients and our top priority is always YOU.  As a result we have a high referral rate.

Smart Fix operates within the large multibillion dollar asphalt repair industry. Its product is a “hot patch” that not only repairs the asphalt but melts the surrounding perimeter of the repaired area to make a seamless and long lasting mend. The alternative is “cold patch” known to be more expensive (long term), labor intensive, slower, and less effective.

The two target markets for Smartfix are:

  • Primary – Corporations/businesses and private residences. There are approximately 874,000 businesses in Western Canada and several million residences.
  • Secondary – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government. $40 billion in funds allocated to infrastructure.


Executive summary:

Asphalt is widely recognized as one of the most recyclable construction materials in use on the planet today. North America Asphalt plants typically incorporate up to 30 percent of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) back into new asphalt production, reducing total life-cycle greenhouse gases by 10 percent. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement is the most recycled material in the United States; each year more than 100 million tonnes of asphalt pavement is reused or recycled into new pavement.” Interest has been growing on how to capitalize on these trends. The vast majority of this spending occurs within the traditional means resurfacing and patching existing asphalt surfaces. Smartfix has seen tremendous growth in the asphalt infrared repair business.

Vision Statement

“To grow Smartfix Infrared Asphalt Repair into a prosperous organization spanning across Western Canada focusing on a reputation for excellence Customer and Partnership Satisfaction.”

Mission Statement

“To enhance our position in the Infrared Asphalt Repair Business by providing our employees and partners with an honest and supportive working environment, where each employee can devote themselves to providing excellent service to our customers.”

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