Catch Basins

Repairing your Catch basin / drains, manholes & roadway utility boxes


Smart Fix Asphalt performs various types of Catch Basin, Manhole & Utility Box repairs. From surface repairs around these utilities to a complete replacement of drainage systems. The Smart Fix Process Specializes in Seamless Repairs around the drainage areas and the other utility structures. This seamless repair is an integral part in maintaining asphalt longevity, by limiting water damages caused by seams or cracks.

Industry standard “cut out” catch basin repair


Ongoing Maintenance to fill seams with Rubberized crack fill is required, in an attempt to keep water out, which results in a very limited protection against collateral damages caused by water seepage.

Smart Fix Asphalt Thero-Bonded Seamless Catch Basin Repair



Thermo-Bonded means; the existing asphalt is softened by the Infrared heat and bonded to the new asphalt creating a Seamless Repair, which keeps water out, preventing collateral damages caused by seams.

Raised Catch Basins and Manholes 


The catch basin (also known as Storm Drains) is higher than the surrounding asphalt. This poses a tripping hazard and also creates standing water that degrades existing asphalt around the area. Repairs typically involve lowering the basin to promote proper drainage.

Sunken Catch Basins and Manholes 


Either water erodes the sub-base, or the base has settled and can no longer support the asphalt. Depending on the severity of the damage and base condition, the asphalt may be repaired by infrared as is, or the repair may require replacing the base and/or even the entire structure of the drain.

Sink Holes 


Catch basins usually go unnoticed in parking lots until sinkholes develop in the asphalt, which can cause liability hazards and major costs. Smart Fix Asphalt will inspect your storm drain and evaluate small repairs that eventually could lead to costly repairs, if left unattended.  It can be as simple as replacing some mortar in the basin or repair broken asphalt around the rim, that will keep your parking lot drainage system working properly.

What causes catch basin collapse?

Over time the concrete used to construct catch basins can begin to crack, fail or deteriorate mainly due to erosion or heavy traffic. If the surrounding asphalt or concrete around your catch basin is cracked or heaved, or the cement mortar around the inside pipe is broken.

If the main structure is deteriorated and is no longer secured,  Vehicles driving or parking over them, heavy trucks or even snowplows hitting them, will create more stress.  This can make the entire structure sink, creating more liability!

It may be time to get your Catch Basin & Manholes inspected and repairs done.

In order to prevent a costly repair, allow Smart Fix Asphalt to work our magic and get the problem fixed as soon as you see signs of failure.

Holes and Cracks Around Catch Basin


When a catch basin collapses it becomes not only a major liability but also an expensive repair. Trust Smart Fix Asphalt to maintain your drainage system with expert precision and engineering.

The longer the deterioration is allowed to continue and the more water collects in holes and cracks, freezing and thawing over time which results in more severe damages and repair costs. Leaving a catch basin neglected until a sinkhole develops could cause far more extensive damage to surrounding asphalt, and create liability issues. Preventative maintenance reduces costs and ensures longer lasting drain structures, by keeping the rest of your parking lot in good standings.

If a catch basin is older and beyond standard repairs, we completely dig out and rebuild the entire drainage system.

Infrared Repairs – Manholes & Catch Basins

Catch Basins are vital to your parking lot’s asphalt management. These drains remove surface water run-off and keep water from accumulating in your parking lot.

If your asphalt management does not include inspecting the parking lot Catch Basin, Manholes & Utility Boxes annually;   Then contact Smart Fix Asphalt today to ensure that these utility structures are inspected, and properly assessed.

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