Asphalt Repair Services

Let our Service Repair Team handle all of your asphalt needs. Our advanced infrared technology equipment will restore and repair your asphalt, the right way.

We use the fastest and most efficient asphalt reclaimers and infrared pavement equipment in the industry, for the maintenance of roads and surfaces. Our equipment allows easy and highly effective ways to work with asphalt, and it also dramatically reduces road or parking lot closure time.

Professional Repair Services Include:

  • Repair potholes, trenches, keyholes & runways
  • Catch Basins and rework curbing
  • Repair utility cuts in roads
  • Crack filling and Seal Coat
  • Leveling seams in parking lots and roadways
  • Building up road surfaces and drain gutters
  • Underground cables and phone lines
  • Bridge and ramp work
  • Leveling frost heaves
  • Creating decorative asphalt imprinting
  • Bridge decks and airport runways
  • Birdbaths or cracked areas with a solid base
  • Placing rings for resurfacing over manholes

By being able to work in many types of conditions that would restrict the conventional methods of asphalt repairs currently practiced, infrared repairs have proven to be a superior, more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and faster way to repair damaged asphalt.

Western Canada’s Leader in Infrared Asphalt Repair

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