Snow Melter


The Smartfix Snow Melter is the beginning of a revolution in the Snow Removal process. This commercial Snow Melting system eliminates accumulated snow, even in the toughest conditions. Using the very latest advances in heat exchanger technology, this product presents an economically viable solution to the expensive and environmentally unfriendly process of physically hauling and relocation of snow, for Snow Contractors, Facilities/Property Managers, Municipalities and Airport Operations alike.

Melting vs. Hauling:

The typical snow removal process requires areas for snow piles or hauling snow offsite. This practice has become less attractive due to variable factors such as rising fuel costs, scarcity of dump sites, increasing labor costs, loss of parking, as well as security, safety and environmental issues.

Currently there are designated areas that allows the snow to be pushed and piled until such a time when the weather changes. However, most areas cannot wait for that time to come naturally and can also result in damaging of “green spaces”. The increasing cost of real estate, loss of revenue with unused premium parking spaces and slip and fall issues all create demand to have the snow melted or removed off the premises. The Smartfix Snow Melter is portable so it can go to the snow this means piles can be conveniently setup in various melting sites, instead of having to move the snow great distances to one designated snow haul area, to be handled yet again before it is finally taken away. For many users sound and noise is also critical for residential and shopping areas. Our solution is a simple one: “Melt it, Don’t Haul it !”

If you are currently hauling snow, we suggest that you take a look at your previous winter seasons and compare your snow removal costs with the operating cost of a Snow Melter. The Snow Melter provides the ability to melt snow onsite and puts you at the forefront of the industry and allows you to diversify your business. The Smartfix Snow Melter, when compared to hauling, can provide a 20% or more, reduction in costs.

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