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Smart fix Asphalt Infrared Repair Limited provides a variety of repair solutions for Asphalt and Concrete surfaces, including landscaping and snow removal services. Our clients range from single owners of properties to municipalities, major property developers, property management firms (residential, commercial and industrial), national convenience store chains, retail chains and major fast food chains in western Canada.

We provide repair solutions to cost effectively repair, restore and extend the life of their properties.

We would be happy to provide a copy of our extensive list of satisfied clients upon request.


“Parkland Fuel Corporation has been a customer of Smartfix Asphalt Infrared Repair for a number of years now. They have repaired areas of our service stations around Alberta using Infrared technology, to repair sections of our parking lots near and around out pump islands. The repairs are seamless and there has been no issues or concerns over using Infrared repair around our gasoline facilities.”

Deren Blades – Facility Specialist
Parkland Fuel Corporation



“I am writing today to compliment your company on the work at several of our client condominiums.

The work was done in a very professional manner, on time and within the estimates you provided. A couple of our commercial clients with experience in such matters also complimented the work being done near their units and the unique method of sealing paving cracks that has so far proven to be much superior to the traditional methods being offered.

I have and will continue to recommend Smartfix to clients and others who enquire. Thank you for your continued good work.”

Bill Begley
Vice President
Inland Property Management Ltd.



“Exceptional work and cost is competitive. I give full recommendation for this company.”

Jason Ehrenholz
Asset Manager/Project Manager, Western Canada
Canadian Tire Real Estate Ltd.

“I have been using Smartfix for the last 3 years and have been very pleased with their work. In our business if the boards of directors are not happy then we are not happy so it is always good to get the right company.”

Alvin Thomas | Senior Property Manager | Associate
Larlyn Property Management



“In this day and age when any feed back any of us receive tends to be negative, I wish to send you some positive comments.

I found out about your company quite by accident when I observed one of your crews working at a local business in Sherwood Park. What I saw impressed me, so I gave the crew lead my contact information. I was contacted the next day by Brian and Larry… Both gentlemen were very professional in giving me what I needed, which was sound advice with out me feeling like I was being up sold.

I was given separate estimates for all three projects and all three projects were given the go ahead. A mutually agreed upon start date was arranged (a date where there was minimal school activity) and I was told that there would be a crew at each site on that morning. Two of the jobs would be done that day and the largest job would be completed over a number of days. That is exactly what happened.

The work crews showed up on time, did the work in a safe and conscientious manner and cleaned up before they left. How refreshing, no phone calls, no hassles no bull.

And finally when the invoice came it was as per estimate. I couldn’t be happier. I got excellent service, a very good product, for a fair price and to top it all off I got a one year warranty in writing.

Thank you Smartfix Asphalt for a job well done.”

Arjen De Vries
OH&S/Facilities Coordinator
Elk Island Catholic Schools

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